Start+: Hiring Manager Quick Start Guide

The Hiring Manager role is responsible for adding crew members and creating offers in the Start+ application.

Adding crew members

Click the Manage Crew tab to add new crew members one-by-one or in bulk.

  •  To add a crew member: Enter their first and last name and email address. Click Submit.

  • To Bulk Upload: Download the sample CSV file and enter crew members by first and last names and email addresses. Drag and drop the file in the application.

Creating job offers

Once crew members are added, you can create and send offers to the crew.

1. Click the Create Offer tab at the top of the screen, then select the desired crew member from the list. By selecting multiple crew members, the system will create the same offer for each, instead of you having to create individual offers for each crew member.

Tip: You can see which email address you are sending the offer to by hovering over the employee’s name.

2.  Follow the fields to select the hire and work states, work city, union, job title, schedule letter, and department. The system will default the scale rate (if available) under terms of employment. Rates can be overridden to pay more than scale.

3 . Select Loan-Out Employee if the person being hired will be paid through a personal loan-out company.

4. Add any reimbursements/allowances provided to the crew member, then select whether it is per day or per week.

Note: To set limits, enter a monetary cap, or choose the number of payments.

5. If there are any additional deal notes/terms that you want to provide to the crew member, enter them in the "Additional Deal Notes Box." Admins will need to set this up.

6. Select the appropriate documents to send to the crew member. The group of documents include all necessary documents that would normally comprise a paper new hire start packet.

7. Click Send To Employee when you have completed the offer. The system will perform a check to make sure all required fields are completed. 

Note: If your project is setup with a Reviewer, Send To Employee will be replaced with Submit For Review.

8. A “Heads up!” message will pop up so you can review the offer being created. Click Yes, Create Offer to create the offer.

Managing Offer Status

You can perform multiple tasks with the Manage Offers tab at the top of the screen. The current status of an offer is shown in the Status column.

Pending Employee: Pending crew member hasn’t completed start packet.

Employee Rejected: Crew member has declined the offer.

Pending Approval: Awaiting final approvals (if multiple) and/or I9 verification (crew member has signed).

Approved: Offer approved by all approvers and verifiers.

You can resend, rescind, archive, and update an offer using the following Actions buttons:

Resend Offer: Resends the offer
Rescind Offer: Removes the offer
Archive Offer: Archives the offer

  Update Offer: Reopens the offer so you can make changes