Start+: Accepting an Offer

The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate the steps you take to accept an offer in Start+.

Example: Fin Shepard is a DP based in Los Angeles. A hiring manager has just sent him an offer.

1. To begin, open the email you received and click the Start link.

accept offer 1

First-time Start+ users

2. If this is the first time you are using Start+, we need to determine whether you are in our payroll system. You'll be presented with 3 choices to select from.

3. Selecting any option prompts you to select the tax ID number you use. This will help the system look you up or add you to the correct payroll.

select tax ID-SSN (002)

4. “No, I have NOT been paid by Cast & Crew or CAPS” prompts you to begin creating your profile.

5. Selecting “I don’t remember” prompts you to provide some information to help us look you up in our payroll system.

Existing Start+ users

In this example, Fin is in our system, so he'll select “Yes, I have been paid…”

In this example, Fin is in our system, so he'll select “Yes, I have been paid…”

1. Select the tax ID number you use for tax and payroll purposes. In this case, you'll choose I use an American SSN (Social Security Number). Click Continue.

select tax ID-SSN (002)

2. Input your personal details. This will help the system to look up your account. Click Next.

3. Select the street address you are currently using or have used in the past. Click Next.

4. When your information has been verified, choose which one to use with the most current details. Click Edit if you'd like to edit the selected profile, or click Next to continue.

5. If you need to make changes, you can click one of the pencil icons. Otherwise, click Finish Profile Update.

6. Now you can review the offer by clicking Take Me To My Offer.

Rejecting and accepting your offer

Reject your offer

Start+ displays the deal memo for your review. If you disagree with the terms, you can refuse the offer by clicking Reject.

Note: You must always provide a reason. When you are ready, click Submit to reject the offer.

Accept your offer

1. If you are satisfied with the deal memo, click Accept Offer.

2. Start+ prompts you to complete the I-9 form. After reading the statement, check I agree… Then, click Continue.

3. As a convenience, you can save your digital signature for use with all documents except the I-9 form. Enter your name as it appears in your profile, then your initials. Click Yes, Save For The Duration Of My Session to continue.


4. Depending on the production, the number of forms you must sign varies. However, the first document is always the I-9 form.

Note: Notice the sidebar, which tracks your progress. Green checkmarks appear as you populate the fields.

5. Complete all required fields, which are highlighted in yellow. Sign and date the document. When the green prompt appears, click Continue to display the next form.

6. If you are unable to complete the process, you can always click Save Offer and sign out. When you log in again, Start+ will return you to where you left off.

7. Now, complete all remaining forms. When you are finished, click Accept Offer.

8. When the confirmation message appears, click Logout to end your session.