Crew Members (U.S.)

Start+: How To Add a Loan-Out Entity When Accepting Your Offer

If you were onboarded as a loan-out employee, you can add your loan-out entity information as you complete your offer digitally. You’ll then be requested to upload supplemental documents needed. 

  1. Begin by accepting your Start+ offer. Learn how to do this here. 
  2. When you reach the Offer Summary page, you’ll see a note regarding your loan-out profile under the “Your Hiring Profile” section. You’ll need to add a loan-out entity before you can continue accepting your offer. 
  3. This section will reflect the current status of your loan-out. We’ve provided what each status means, below: 
    1. Add Loan-out: Click the button to add a loan-out entity. You’ll be navigated to MyCast&Crew to add the loan-out information in your portal. Learn how to do this here. 
    2. Expired: You need to revalidate your loan-out information in your MyCast&Crew portal. Click Re-verify Loan-Out to be navigated back to MyCast&Crew. Learn more about this here. 
    3. Valid: Your loan-out entity verification was successful, and you can proceed with accepting your offer. 
    4. Pending: The loan-out entity passed an automatic verification of basic information but Cast & Crew needs to complete additional verification. You can continue with accepting your offer and you may be asked to provide additional support documents.  
      • For single or multi-member LLCs, we require the IRS Acceptance Letter  
      • For partnerships, we require a Redacted Form 1065 tax return OR a Partnership Agreement
Upon providing supporting documents for the loan-out entity, they will be reviewed, and if verified, your loan-out status will be updated to “Valid” in MyCast&Crew. 
  • If the loan-out information is incorrect and you would like to use a different loan-out, then click  to change it.
    • You will be required to provide a new W-9 and Indemnification Agreement. 
    • If you're submitting an LLC-type entity, you will also need to resubmit proper support documents (see above).
  • If you would like to be paid as a W-2 hire instead of a loan-out, then you may reject the offer by clicking and indicating that you would like to be hired as a W-2 hire.

Note: In some cases, an LLC entity may fail the loan-out registration process in MyCast&Crew if a business is not "active" with the Secretary of State (SoS), if they’re not in good standing with the SoS, are not authorized to act on behalf of the entity, or if the incorrect document is uploaded. Cast & Crew will not be able to pay them as a loan-out. In those cases, the crew member will need to reject their Start+ offer and request a W-2 offer to be sent or correct their entity standing with the SoS and try to verify again,

If the wrong document is uploaded, the crew member will need to reregister their loan-out and upload the appropriate document to be verified again.