MyCast&Crew: Create an Account (Desktop & Mobile)

New users who are added to one of Cast & Crew's products, such as Start+, Hours+, Cast & Crew Studio, and ETC, are required to create an account with MyCast&Crew, the digital hub for all Cast & Crew products.

Crew members and employees wishing to manage their profile information and access their personal profile files, including pay stubs, tax documents, direct deposit setup, etc., will also need to create a MyCast&Crew account.

After you've been added to a project, you'll receive an invitation email, which you'll use to create your account.

1. Click Start in the invitation email. This will open a new tab.

Note: Once you've created a password, the Start link will no longer work to create your account. After you create your password, the link will take you to the MyCast&Crew homepage.

2, On the new page, click Get started to start the account creation process. You can see where you are in the process with the tracker located at the top of the page.

3. Create a password. Make sure your password meets the requirements and enter it in both text fields. Each requirement will show a green check once it is met. If you’d like to see the password you’ve entered, press the eye icon .

Tip: Click the arrow next to "Tips for remembering your password" to find helpful tips for creating an easy-to-remember password.

4. Click Create password. Next, you’ll be asked to verify a phone number which will be used to securely recover your password if you forget it in the future. Choose text or voice for your preferred method of verification.

Note: You'll automatically be enrolled in both text and voice verification after you add your phone number for text. Voice option will only enroll you in voice verification.

5. Input your phone number and click Text me or Call me to receive a verification code via text or voice. You can add an extension if needed.


6. Input the verification code and click Verify and enroll in text and voice. If you did not receive a code after 30 seconds, click Text me again. If you chose the voice option, you can choose to Verify and enroll in voice only.

MyC&C text    myC&C voice mobile-1

7. Review the confirmation page, which will show you which email is tied to your account. We recommend making a note of this, so you don’t forget.

myC&C confirmation mobile

8. Click Go to MyC&C dashboard or (Log in to My Cast & Crew dashboard if you're on desktop) to navigate to the login page, where you’ll be asked to log in using your email and password you just created for your account.

9. You can also choose to setup OKTA as an additional recovery method by clicking Add another (optional method). Learn how to set this up here.

If you have any issues with creating your account, please contact Support via phone Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. PT to 6:00 p.m. PT or 24 hours by email.

  • Phone: 1-888-570-4650 (in the U.S.) or 1-818-659-6455 (outside the U.S.)
  • Email: