Crew Members (Canada)

Start+ Canada: How to Add a Loan-Out Entity When Accepting Your Offer

If you were onboarded as a loan-out employee, you can add your loan-out entity information as you complete your offer digitally. You’ll then be requested to upload supplemental documents needed.

  1. Begin by accepting your Start+ offer. Learn how to do this here.  
  2. When you reach the Offer Summary page, you’ll see a note regarding your loan-out profile under the “Your Hiring Profile” section. You’ll need to add a loan-out entity before you can continue accepting your offer.  
  3. This section will reflect the current status of your loan-out. We’ve provided what each status means, below:  
    1. Add Loan-out: Click the button to add a loan-out entity. You’ll be navigated to MyCast&Crew to add the loan-out information to your portal. Learn how to do this here.  
    2. Expired: You need to revalidate your loan-out information in your MyCast&Crew portal. Click Re-verify Loan-Out to be navigated back to MyCast&Crew. Learn more about this here. 
    3. Valid: Your loan-out entity verification was successful, and you can proceed with accepting your offer.
    4. Pending: The loan-out entity passed an automatic verification of basic information but Cast & Crew needs to complete additional verification. You can continue with accepting your offer and you may be asked to provide additional support documents.

Upon providing supporting documents for the loan-out entity, they will be reviewed, and if verified, your loan-out status will be updated to “Valid” in MyCast&Crew.  

Note: In some cases, an entity may fail the loan-out registration process in MyCast&Crew. If a business is not "active," Cast & Crew will not be able to pay them as a loan-out. In those cases, the crew member will need to reject their Start+ offer and request a paper offer or correct their entity standing and try to verify again,