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PSL+: 1099/T4A Step-by-Step Checklist

To make your 1099/T4A process as smooth as possible, we’ve provided some helpful tips and a checklist to guide you through the items and steps to complete.

Prep in Advance

Review your data right now to make sure everything looks good, so you'll have time to fix anything needing your attention.

Getting Started

◽ Reserve your spot today! Sign up here before you miss the deadline of early December

◽ Complete Letter of Intent and Attestation Form

◽ Verify all PSL+ users working on 1099/T4A’s can access the module:

◽ Ask your users to follow these directions to check if you have access to PSL+ 1099 
◽ To grant access, email PSL.Support@castandcrew.com 

Prep Your Data

◽ Read this helpful guide: 1099/T4A Printing and User Guide

◽ Check your data for missing Vendor Tax ID/SSN

◽ Check your data for incorrect or missing production company name/address/tax ID

◽ Merge productions if needed (see the 1099/T4A Cross-Project Merge help article for info)

◽ Print 1099/T4A summary reports to verify all vendors are tagged appropriately

◽ Correct all errors before uploading files, as our agents cannot adjust your data

◽ If you requested eFiling, enter the Cast & Crew Transmitter Control Code of 89307 when you generate the IRSTAX file inside PSL.

    • DO NOT use that code if you are not having Cast & Crew eFile for you

Generate Files

◽ Follow the 1099/T4A Printing and User Guide for details and screenshots

For 1099 Printing service, create the following files:

◽ Generate the "Summary Report" and name it [Show Name] Summary Report [Tax Year].pdf

◽ Generate the “Paper 1099-MISC Form” and “Paper 1099-NEC Form” using Print to PDF, naming them [Show Name] 1099-MISC or -NEC [Tax Year].pdf
◽ If we're delivering to an office, notify your reception/front desk to be on the lookout to avoid delays because you'll need to mail out the 1099s right away

For 1099 eFiling service, create this file:

◽ Generate the 1099 “IRSTAX” file and name it [Show Name] eFile [Tax Year].txt

Upload Files

◽ Log in to the 1099 Project Center

◽ Click on “My Current Projects” at the top

Click the “Upload Files” button for your project

More support articles about 1099s and other topics can be at the PSL+ Support Center.