MyCast&Crew: Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Follow the guide below, or watch the video, to learn how to set up Direct Deposit in your MyCast&Crew portal.


  1. Click My Profile in the top navigation bar. 
    direct deposit my profile
  2. Scroll down to the "Direct Deposit" section and click edit icon edit
    direct deposit edit
  3. Toggle Direct Deposit to turn it On,
    DD How To - Step 2
  4. Click +Connect To A Bank to link a new bank account.
    DD How To - Step 3
  5. Click Continue from the Plaid prompt.
    DD How To - Step 5
  6. You can enter your online banking credentials to instantly have your bank authenticated by Plaid. 
  7. Select your bank institution from the list shown or use the search bar to easily find it. Don't see your bank in the search results? Learn how to manually set up your account here.DD How To - Step 4.1
  8. Once you’ve selected your bank, enter the login credentials you use to access your online bank account. Click Submit.
    DD How To - Step 7
  9. Plaid will verify your online banking information and show you a success message once your account is verified. Click Continue.
    DD How To - Step 8
  10. Click Add account from this bank.
    DD How To - Step 9
  11. Select the account(s) you wish to set up to receive Direct Deposit. Click Add.
    Note: You can add up to 3 accounts to receive Direct Deposit.
    DD How To - Step 10
  12. You can split your Direct Deposit using either percentages or flat amounts using the "Split Type" selection. 
    1. ExampleSplit by Percentage
      • A percentage of your paycheck will be deposited into the first account listed (Priority = 1) and the remainder will be deposited into the second account listed (Priority = 2). MyCast&Crew will automatically calculate the percent remainder for you.
        DD How To - Step 11.1
    2. Example: Split by Dollar
      • A dollar amount will be deposited into the first account listed (Priority = 1) and the remainder will be deposited into the second account listed (Priority = 2).
        DD How To - Step 11.2
  13. You can reorder the priority of the accounts by clicking on the reorder icon on the left side of the row and dragging and dropping the rows above or below each other. 
    DD How To - Step 12
    Note: The Priority order of accounts will determine the order of deposit and which account will receive the remainder once the first account(s) deposits have been fulfilled.
  14. Check the paperless pay stubs setting to view your pay stubs online. Click Continue.
    DD How To - Step 13
  15. You'll be asked to review your information. Click Save if everything looks correct. 
    DD How To - Step 14

Note: You can change your Direct Deposit configuration at any time by clicking edit.

Direct Deposit changes may require up to 14 calendar days before taking effect.

DD How To - Step 15


We're here to help! If you need additional assistance, please contact the Employee Helpdesk.


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