Sign Up For Direct Deposit

Follow the guide below to set up Direct Deposit on MyCast&Crew

1. Click My Profile in the top navigation bar. 

2. Scroll down to the Direct Deposit section and toggle Direct Deposit to turn it "On."

DD How To - Step 2

3. Click +Connect To A Bank to link a new bank account.

DD How To - Step 3

4. Select the country where your bank is located. Click Continue.

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5. Click Continue from the Plaid prompt.

DD How To - Step 5

There are two ways in which you can connect to a bank account.

We will cover Option 1, which is the most common, but an alternative option is also outlined below for reference.

Option 1: Instant Authentication (most common)

Enter your online banking credentials to instantly have your bank authenticated by Plaid.

5. You can select your banking institution from a list of popular ones or use the search bar to look up the name of your bank.

DD How To - Step 4.1

6. Once you’ve selected your bank, enter the username and password you use to access your online bank account.

DD How To - Step 7

7. Plaid will verify your online banking information and give you a success message once your account is verified. Click Continue.

DD How To - Step 8

8. Click Add account from this bank.

DD How To - Step 9

9. Select the account(s) you wish to set up to receive Direct Deposit. 

Note: You can add up to 3 accounts to receive Direct Deposit.

DD How To - Step 10

Steps continued below

Option 2: Same Day Micro-Deposits

For smaller banks or credit unions, Plaid will send two micro deposits into the bank account on the same day you connect your bank. Instead of Plaid automatically verifying these micro deposits, you will have to verify the two amounts by logging into MyC&C and clicking Verify Now under the "Connected Banks" list. While the micro deposits may be sent to your account within a day, you have 7 days to return to MyC&C to complete the verification.

DD How To - Step 4.4

DD How To - Step 4.5

Continued steps to set up Direct Deposit...

10. You can split your Direct Deposit using either percentages or flat amounts using the Split Type selection. 

ExampleSplit by Percentage – 50% of your paycheck will be deposited into the first account listed (Priority = 1) and the remainder (in this case 50%) will deposited into the second account listed (Priority = 2). MyCast&Crew will automatically calculate the percent remainder for you.

DD How To - Step 11.1

Example: Split by Dollar – $150 will be deposited into the first account listed (Priority = 1) and the remainder will be deposited into the second account listed (Priority = 2). In this example, if the total amount of your paycheck is $450, the first account would receive $150 and the second account would receive the remaining $300.DD How To - Step 11.2

11. You can reorder the priority of the accounts by clicking on the reorder icon on the left side of the row and dragging and dropping the rows above or below each other. Note: The Priority order of accounts will determine the order of deposit and which account will receive the remainder once the first account(s) deposits have been fulfilled.DD How To - Step 12

12. Once you are satisfied with your Direct Deposit setup, review your paperless pay stubs setting and click Continue.DD How To - Step 13

13. You'll be asked to review your information. Click Save if everything looks correct. Otherwise, click Go Back To Edit.

DD How To - Step 14

Confirmation screen

Note: You can always click Edit in the top right to change your Direct Deposit configuration.

DD How To - Step 15

Note: Direct Deposit changes may require up to 14 calendar days before taking effect.


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