Getting Started

Hours+: Department Head Quick Start Guide

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There are four types of roles in Hours+:  

  • Employee 
  • Department Head 
  • Payroll Accountant 
  • Approver  

Once logged in, you’ll see the projects you have access to. You’ll only see multiple projects if you are currently active in multiple projects. 


The Department Head can view and manage a list of assigned crew members and approve crew member timecards. Once assigned to this role you can: 

  • Create and submit a personal timecard if your project allows for it 
  • Add account coding, episode information (if applicable) 
  • Review and approve or reject crew timecards 
  • Create and submit a group timecard to their department 


After signing in, you will see three additional tabs that are not available in the Employee role: 

  • Daily Timesheets: Page where you can filter crew members by department and input times 
  • Crew Timecards: Displays the status of crew timecards by week ending date 
  • Timecards: Displays the status of crew timecards where you can take additional actions 
  • Reviews: Displays completed timecards for review and approval 
  • Crew List: Displays all of the individuals assigned to your department. Utilize this screen to see which crew members have accepted Hours+ invitations and what email was used. 
  • Reports: Run Open and Pending timecard reports 

The key tabs to focus on are: Daily Timesheets, Crew Timecards, and Timecards, which we’ll get into more detail. 

Timecard Entry Best Practices 

Time Entry for Employees 

It may be necessary for you to create a timecard for multiple employees. The most efficient way to do this is by utilizing the Daily Timesheets Screen.  

  • Click here to view a step-by-step guide and watch a video on using the Daily Timesheets Screen. 

Once their timecard is created, the employee(s) will need to sign off on it before the timecard can be submitted for approval.  

Reviewing and Approving Timecards 

Reviewing and approving timecards can be done in the Daily Timesheet screen, too! To see the status of crew timecards at a glance, head to your Crew Timecards screen. This is mostly an information screen so you can see where timecards are at in the process. 

  • If you Reject a timecard, a reason must be provided in the rejection comments box before continuing. 

Time Entry for Yourself  

If you need to create and submit a timecard for yourself, you can do so in the My Timecards tab. Click here to learn how to enter times in your timecard. 

  • We also put together this handy Day Types guide to provide the most common day type selections.