Working with Timecards

Hours+: Day Types Guide

While there are numerous Day Types that may differ based on your specific contract, this guide covers the most common ones.  

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Day Types are used to describe what type of day you worked. Using the correct Day Type is extremely important for getting the correct results and can impact the rest of how your timecard is processed. For example, a “sick” day is paid differently than a “work” day.  

Please be aware these are defaults in accordance with labor requirements and standard practices, however, many productions have their own policies and you should reach out for your production-specific defaults should you need more clarification.  

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The default day type when work is performed.

Proration day types

Are used for weekly/on-call employees to indicate to the system a contractual reason to prorate for a partial workweek. These day types include:

  • HOA (home on own accord) - Used when the crew member takes an unpaid day off of their own accord. This can be for any reason and should not be confused with paid days off.
  • Start Work (SW) - Used on the first day of employment or return from hiatus.
  • Work Finish (WF) - Used on the last day of employment or prior to hiatus.

Travel day types

These are defaults used to indicate travel-only days. For Non-Union, travel time is work time and will trigger overtime, penalties, and premiums as appropriate. For Union, these day types pay according to contractual terms and conditions.


  • Travel Only - Used for hourly
    • Pays a minimum of 4 hours, maximum of 8
    • In/out times optional
  • TRVL8 - Used for hourly
    • Pays for 8 hours
    • Does not require in/out times
  • Travel - Use for on-call
    • Does not require in/out times


  • Travel - Use for hourly
    • Requires in/out times
  • Travel Only - Use for exempt
    • Does not require in/out times

Unworked paid day types

Used to indicate an unworked but paid day.   

In general, no in/out times should be entered on an unworked day (this can cause incorrect calculations). 

The most common unworked paid day types are: 

  • Sick - Used when the crew member takes a paid sick day

Note: This is NOT to be used for Covid Sick Time which has its own day types that are very specific. Please see the Covid Day Types guide for more information.

  • Vacation - Used when the crew member takes a paid vacation day.
  • HNW (Holiday Not Worked) - Used to pay an unworked recognized holiday.
    • Do not use this type for an unpaid holiday. If the holiday is unpaid, do no enter the day (remove the day by clicking it at the top of the screen so it turns gray.)