Hours+: How to Enter Times in Your Timecard (With examples)

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How it works

Time conversion chart

How to enter time in your timecard 

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When entering your time in Hours+, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Time must always be entered in military time
  2. The system will always display the time in hour:minute format (00:00) and will round UP in 6-minute (1/10th) increments
  3. You can enter time using a colon ":" or decimal "."

The guide below will help you understand how to enter your hours in your timecard:

How it works

Time must always be entered in military time

Military time makes time specific so there is no confusion about "a.m" or "p.m." So, instead of using a 12-hour clock, military time uses a 24-hour one. The "AM/PM chart" in the image below will help you convert your hours to military time.

Example: If you ended work at 8:01 p.m., you could use the chart below to find the 8:00 row. Under the "p.m." column, 8:00 p.m. is converted to 20:00, so you would enter 20:35 into your timecard. 

Note: The system will automatically round this up to 20:36.

The system will round up in 6-minute increments

Start and stop times recorded in your timecard are rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour (i.e. 6-minute increments). Time rounding makes it easier for payroll to calculate the total time you worked in a day. 

Example: If you start work at 8:01 a.m and enter 8:01 into your timecard with a colon, it will round up to 8:06.

This lets payroll know that you started work in the 1st tenth of the hour. You could also enter it as 8.1.

[decimal format]

You can enter your time in minutes (using ":") or in decimals (using ".")

If you enter your time in decimal format, the system will automatically update it to hour:minute format (00:00) in the proper 6-minute increment.

Example: If you ended work at 5:35 p.m. and wanted to add your time in decimal format, you could enter 17.6, which is what the system rounds up to. After inputting this time, it'll display as 17:36.

Time Conversion Chart

24-hour clock converter

How to enter time in your timecard 

1. Create a Timecard or choose to Finish an existing Timecard in Hours+. If you're unsure how to do this, refer to this article.

2. If you’re creating a new timecard, select a new or previous 2-week ending date and click Enter My Times.

4. Fill out your timecard with the appropriate information, and enter your time using the information in the beginning of this article.

You can click Copy to all days to populate all days with the times you entered, or enter your time day by day.

5. Enter your allowances/expenses and attach any necessary documentation.

6. Enter any comments in the "Notes & History" section.

7. Click Save Work to complete later or click Submit when you're ready to submit your timecard for approval.