MyCast&Crew: Set up Okta Multi-Factor Authentication

This guide will help walk you through setting up Okta - Mutli-Factor Authentication with Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew's commitment to quality, integrity, and security for your information includes using Okta Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to login to our digital products.

What is MFA? MFA is an extra layer of security that protects your information and personal data.

  • MFA through Cast & Crew uses 2 things to verify users:
    • Something you know, like a password.
    • Something you have, like your cell phone number.

1. Setup your password

  • Password rules:
    • Must be at least 12 characters

    • Include both lowercase and uppercase letters

    • Include a number

    • Include a symbol

    • Cannot include your username

    • Your password also cannot be any of your last 20 passwords

Okta new password

2. Setup your forgot password question:

  • Use the dropdown to select a question
  • The answer must be longer than 3 characters and include letters

Okta forgot password

3. Select your security image

Okta security image

4. Click Create My Account

    Okta create my account

    5. Setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Cast & Crew offers 3 methods of MFA, but we recommend choosing SMS Authentication for ease of use:

    • Okta Verify: An application you download on your phone
    • SMS Authentication: A 6-digit code sent via text message to your cell phone
    • Voice Call Authentication: A phone call with voice commands

    Okta MFA

    Setup Okta Verify

    The Okta Verify Authentication is an app on your phone. Follow the steps below to set this up:

    1. Select your phone type Click Next.
    2. Download the Okta app on your phone.
    3. Open the Okta app on your phone > Click Add an account.
    4. Use your phone to scan the barcode shown on the screen Click Next.
    5. Follow the instructions in the Okta app on your phone.
    6. Enter the code given to you from the Okta app.
    7. Click Verify.

    Okta verify

    Setup SMS Authentication

    1. Use the dropdown menu to select your country.
    2. Enter your cell phone number Click Send code.
    3. Enter the code that was sent to your cell phone Click Verify.
    okta sms

    Setup Voice Call Authentication

    1. Select your country.
    2. Enter your phone number > Click Call.
    3. You'll get a phone call > Answer the call.
    4. Enter the code the automated voice provides > Click Verify.

    Okta voice call

    Once Okta is setup, you'll be prompted to log in using your login, password, and code the next time you log in. 

    If you have any issues with Okta – MFA or logging in after creating your account, please contact Support via phone Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. PT to 6:00 p.m. PT or 24 hours by email.

    • Phone: 1-888-570-4650 (in the U.S.) or 1-818-659-6455 (outside the U.S.)
    • Email: