Getting Started: Crew

MyCast&Crew Canada: Landing Page Overview

MyCast&Crew is a centralized hub for personal profile documents and digital product access. Once you set up your profile in, it will always stay in the Cast & Crew system, so you don’t have to redo it again and can reuse it across multiple projects that use Cast & Crew for payroll.

When you log into your account, you'll see three icons:


You can use these icons to find information to get started and reach out to support:

  • Click Quick Start Guides to navigate to Edge learning to sign up for live trainings. 
  • Click Product Support to navigate to the self-service Help Center.
  • Click Employee Helpdesk to find FAQs and contact the employee helpdesk.

Cast&Crew products you have access to, like Start+, will be listed to the right of the welcome message, under "Links."

Click the Launch open icon to open the application.

myc&c launch

To update your account or password, or to navigate to the Help Center, click your name in the top right corner.


To set up direct deposit, view your tax files, paycheques, and more, you can use the navigation dashboard at the top of the page.

MyC&C Canada navigation menu

For help registering or accessing the MyCast&Crew portal, contact the Employee Helpdesk by navigating to the Support tab of your dashboard.