Hours+: Employee Quick Start Guide

Hours+ is a digital product that allows production crew members to enter/submit timecards electronically.

The Employee role can create and submit his or her own timecards. All other roles have employee permissions by default. 

Logging in

Your login credentials are active only after receiving and accepting the project invitation email from the system. Visit https://hoursplus.castandcrew.com/ to go to the login page.

Creating a timecard

  1. After logging in, select your project from the dashboard.
  2. Click Create Timecard on the "My timecards" screen to begin a new timecard.
    H+ Employee Create Timecard
  3. Select a new or previous week ending. Make sure the occupation code shown is correct. If you need to change it, click Select an Occupation Code and select the correct one.
  4. If everything looks correct, click Looks Good, Let's enter my times.
  5. Here is where you'll fill in the details for your timecard.
  6. Start by entering your Work Location.
  7. Next, enter the correct Day Type.
    1. Day Types may differ based on your specific contract, so reach out for your production-specific defaults. To view a guide of the most common day types, click here.
  8. Next, enter the Work State and Work City. 
  9. Now you can enter your times for Call, NDB In, First Meal Out, First Meal In, NDM Out, NDM In, and Wrap where applicable.
    1. Note: Hours+ captures time in military format. Learn how to enter times in your timecard here.
  10. You can click Copy to all days to populate the same information to all days in your timecard, or enter your time day-by-day.
    H+ Employee copy to all days
  11. Scroll down to enter any allowances/expenses and attach supporting documents. Click the gray checkmark to save.
  12. Enter any comments in the "Notes & History" section and click the gray checkmark to save.
  13. Click Save Work at the bottom of the page.
  14. You can come back to this timecard and complete at a later time if needed, or click Submit.

  15. If you utilized the "Copy to all days" function, a confirmation dialogue will show. Click Yes, Approve.
  16. Type your name to sign your timecard.
  17. Click Approve to submit your timecard for review and approval.