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CAPS Pay Project Users: How to Enter Timecards

After you set up a batch for the payroll, you can enter timecards for each employee.

  1. After you save the batch, either click Timecard on the left-hand menu or double-click the batch name in the batch list. The "Timecard" tab will open.
  2. Click New Timecard. A timecard opens in a new browser window with an SSN lookup box.
  3. Type in the employee’s SSN and click Lookup.
    • If the employee has been previously paid by CAPS, a timecard grid will appear with the employee’s name and SSN.
    • If the employee has never been paid by CAPS, a timecard grid will appear with the SSN you entered and empty first and last name fields.
  4. The Start of Week is populated with the date you entered when you set up the batch. Select a different date as needed. You can change the workweek on individual timecards by clicking the calendar icon on the timecard entry screen and choosing a different start date.
    Important: If additional work locations are needed, see Project Locations.
  5. Enter Union Local and Job Title. Change any of these fields by using the drop-down list for the field, or by just typing in a field.
    If you're working on all non-union jobs, you may have to reselect "NON" as the union designation when entering the drop-down list of non-union titles.
  6. Enter the Negotiated Rate (you can use a daily, hourly, or weekly rate), the Rate Unit (day, hour, or week), and the Guaranteed Hours (if needed). No guarantees beyond 8 hours should be entered for non-union, non-exempt employees.

    For any non-union exempt employees (paid on a flat daily), select the version of the title that notes “Exempt” and enter only a daily rate with a guarantee of 1. No in/out/meal times need to be entered—simply enter an AICP # and Work Status, and 1 day’s pay will compute for each day entered. Exempt positions are determined by the production company.
  7. Above the "Timecard" grid are buttons for Halfday, Deduct Second Meal, Drive Time, Unpaid Travel, Additional Job Title (use this for rate changes), Additional Work Locations, Grace, and Walking.
    1. Hover over a button to see its description.
    2. Click a button to add that column to the "Timecard" grid.
    3. Click the button again to remove the column from the "Timecard."
  8. In the "Timecard" grid, enter the following information:
    1. AICP#, Time In, Meal1 Out, Meal1 In, and Out times for each day of work. Enter other information if needed, according to timecard specification.

Important: Enter timecard times using a 36-hour clock with decimals for portions of hours. Example: Enter 12:15 PM as 12.25.

Important: If the AICP# has a letter before the number, drop the letter and use numbers only.

Depending on the information you entered when you set up the batch, some of the time card information cells may already be populated. You can change the information by clicking the cell and entering different information or selecting a different item from the drop-down list.

Tip: Use your keyboard TAB key to move across the fields for a date. When you reach the last field in a line, the first field of the next day is selected.

9. Save the timecard. To save the timecard YOU MUST CLICK Compute+Save.

Tip: To delete a timecard before you save it, click Input next timecard.

10. A copy of the completed timecard pops in a separate window for you to review. Verify that the timecard is correct. The timecard report can be reopened via the Print button to the left of Compute+Save.

11. Write the AICP# and total gross on the original timecard.

Tip: If you make changes to the timecard after it has been computed and saved, click Compute+Save to save and view the latest version.

12. Click Input next timecard (or another timecard command) to enter the next timecard. The SSN lookup screen will appear as described in number 2 above.


You can add reimbursements to a timecard.

  1. In the employee’s timecard, click the Reimbursements button to open the Reimbursement entry screen.
  2. Select the type of reimbursement from the drop-down box.

    Note: If an itemized Kit Rental with replacement values is submitted, enter the Kit Rental as non-taxable. If the itemized list of content and replacement value is not provided, enter the Kit Rental as taxable.
  3. Enter the quantity and rate.
  4. Adjust the date and location as necessary.
  5. Enter the AICP# and click Save. The reimbursement appears in the list at the top of the screen. Be sure to click Compute+Save when you have finished with the timecard.
    • To edit a reimbursement, click on it in the list.
    • To delete a reimbursement, highlight it in the list, click the Delete button and confirm the deletion.
    • To clear the reimbursement form, click Clear.

Additional CAPS Pay Features

Timecard Time-Savers

After you click for a timecard, you can use the following option buttons:

  • creates a new timecard for the current employee with all the same information but with the next week’s dates populating the timecard area—useful for Locations or other crew with multiple work weeks per batch.
  • creates a new timecard for the same employee with the next week’s dates, but with the same options and times as the previous timecard—useful for production teams who work consistent weekly schedules.
  • saves the work times you just entered for the next employee timecard. Enter the SSN and the new timecard will be populated with the same time information as the last timecard— useful for entire departments with the same or similar work schedules.
  • To copy a line of information from one date to another on the same timecard, go to the blank column at the end of the line and right-click (or double-finger tap/CTRL+click if you’re using a Mac—check your settings). You can choose to delete entries, copy, or paste.

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