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CAPS Pay Project Users: How to Mark the Batch as Complete

When you have entered all timecards for a batch, you can review them, print them out for your records, and then submit them for processing.

  1. Save the final timecard and close the window.
  2. In the Timecards tab, click to open a PDF report containing each timecard in the batch.
  3. Review the timecards and print copies for your You can also save this report to your computer.
  4. When you are ready to submit the batch, in the "Timecards" tab click Batch is Complete and confirm the pop-up prompt. The Batch Status will change to "Completed."

    Important: You can no longer make changes to a batch when its status is "Complete." If you need to edit the batch after it has been completed, contact your company administrator or the CAPS Pay administrator.
  5. Before submitting the original timecards to CAPS, make sure there is a reference to the CAPS Pay batch number with the timecards, either on the cover sheet, log, or a post-it with the batch. Omitting the batch number could result in a delay of processing.

Important: The following information must be written on the original timecards:

  • Employee information at top of timecard
  • Rate of pay
  • In and out times
  • AICP line numbers
  • Location(s)
  • Reimbursements
  • Total gross
  • Signatures at bottom of timecard

Because the CAPS payroll team has access to your timecards and can verify the distribution of hours, meal penalties, etc. given the CAPS Pay Batch number, you are not required to break out this information on the physical timecard.