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CAPS Pay Project Users: How to Add Project Locations

Your employer will assign location(s) to each project when registering the job in CAPS Pay. If work is done in a new location that is not already assigned to the project, additional work locations can be assigned in the Project Locations tab.

Existing locations that were assigned by your administrator will appear in the top portion of the screen.

  • If an existing location needs a new zip code, select the Project Location from the upper quadrant of the screen. The location details will populate the lower quadrant of the screen. Update the zip code to your desired location, and click Save. The new zip code will appear in the Project Location listing.
  • An existing Project Location cannot be deleted if it is already in use in a timecard. To delete a project location that is no longer needed for the project, select the project location from the upper quadrant of the screen and click Delete. The location will disappear from the Project Location Listing.

To add a Project Location:

  1. In the lower quadrant of the Project Locations tab, search the Loc Code (Location Code) in the drop-down menu (or begin typing into the field) for the State where work will take place.
    1. Some states will also list options for cities within the state. If a particular city applies to your work location, select the option indicating state-city. (Example: for work done in Columbus, Ohio, select “Ohio-Columbus Only”)
    2. If work is not done in a specific city listed, select the state location without a city, (Example: for work done in Toledo, Ohio, select “Ohio State outside CIN/CLE/COL/DAY”)
    3. When a state is listed without any city options, all work within that state is treated the same, so one project location can suffice for multiple cities within the state. (Example: for work in Tucson, Phoenix, and Tempe, Arizona, Project Location “Arizona” can be used for all cities within the state)
  2. Once a Location Code is selected, a default zip code will populate. 
    1. If the actual zip code of work is not determined, use the default zip (and update once shooting location is determined), and click Save.
    2. If the zip code is known, replace the default zip code with the actual work zip code, and click Save. The new project location will appear in the Project Location listing and will be available for any new timecards created in the project.

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