Studio+: Working with Payroll Files Overview

Studio+ offers integration with our payroll system, which gives you access to your payroll edits and invoices directly in Studio+. You also can share files such as start paperwork and timecards with your Cast & Crew payroll coordinator. 

Navigate to a project

Once you sign in to MyCast&Crew with your credentials and select Studio+ from the homepage, you will need to navigate to a project to view payroll files. By default, Cast & Crew folders exist at the project level. If you require additional folders to control access, you can work with your implementation specialist.  

Projects can be found by navigating through Studio+ Payroll or utilizing the Search bar at the top of the screen. ​ 

To navigate to a project: 

  1. Click Home in the top navigation bar and select your organization. 
    Studio+ org 1
  2. Double-click the producer folder.
    Studio+ org 2
  3. Double-click the production company folder.
    Studio+ org 3
  4. Double-click the project folder.
    Studio+ org 4
  5. Double-click MAIN for Studio+ payroll files.
    studio+ org 5
  6. Here you’ll see FROM Cast & Crew and TO Cast & Crew folders. Double-click the FROM Cast & Crew folder to see payroll files sent from Cast & Crew.
    Studio+ org 6

Cast & Crew folders

The TO Cast & Crew folder

Use this folder to upload your start paperwork, timecards, and any other files you want to share with your payroll coordinator. Your coordinator can view, print, and move these files, but they cannot delete them. And they cannot upload anything to this folder. 

The TO Cast & Crew folder also has the Adjustment Corrections folder, which is used to upload any corrections needed to be made for adjustment invoices.

Studio+ to folder-1

The FROM Cast & Crew folder

Cast & Crew automatically uploads payroll reports to this folder for you to retrieve. These files are marked as “Added from Payroll.”

Though your Cast & Crew payroll coordinator can view these files, they cannot delete them.

Studio+ from folder-1

When reviewing these files, you can mark them as read or unread to make them easier to manage. Moreover, you can mark them individually or in groups.

Studio+ mark unread-1

You can also print multiple files at once or individually.

studio+ print-1

Depending on your permissions, you can choose to print the original files or watermarked files.

Studio+ print screen 2

The Completed folder

Once paperwork has been processed and is complete, it is important to move it into the Completed folder to stay organized and easily find new documents that have been added by your payroll coordinator. Documents can be moved to the Completed folder in bulk, or one-by-one. 

  1. Double-click into the FROM Cast & Crew folder.  
  2. Click the circle to the left of the document(s) that you want to move.  Studio+ select documents
  3. You can drag and drop a single file into the completed folder or if you’re moving multiple files at once, click Bulk Action in the top right. 
  4. In the drop-down, select Move To.
    studio+ move to
  5.  Selected the Completed folder path.
    Studio+ move to completed
  6. Click Move.
  7. You can view your files by double-clicking into the Completed folder.


It is recommended that you turn on notifications for all FROM Cast & Crew folders to be notified and receive an email whenever new payroll files are uploaded to this folder.

To enable notifications, click the 3-dot menu located to the right of a folder and click Enable Notifications.

Studio+ notifications

Likewise, you can customize individual notifications that you wish you receive by a specific category. This means you’ll be notified when files that have a certain category applied to them are uploaded, regardless of their destination folder.

Note: If you have turned on folder-level notifications that conflict with a category-enabled notification, the folder-level notification will control the notifications you receive and you will receive notifications regardless of category assigned to files that are uploaded under that folder. If you’d like to receive notifications by category only, you can always disable the folder-level notification. 

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of the screen and select Edit User Settings.

  2. Under “Marketing Organization,” select which document types you’d like to receive notifications for.

You can see all new notifications by clicking the bell icon at the top of the page.

Studio+ notification bell-1

Sharing files

We’ve made it easier to manage the payroll workflow by providing a safe, secure environment for exchanging files with your payroll coordinator as well as other people that have been added to your organization. You can share multiple files at once or individually.

  1. Select the file(s) you’d like to share.
  2. Click either the 3-dot menu near the file or click Bulk-Action if you’re sharing multiple files.
  3. Select Share.
    studio+ bulk edit share
  4. Enter the user(s) you would like to share the document with. Keep in mind that these users should already be added to your organization before you can share files with them. Click
  5. You can choose the share options, an expiration date, max views a person can have. If you do so, the user will only need to click a link to access the file. If this is not selected, the user will be prompted to enter their email and password before gaining access. The password will be sent to the user via the share email.
  6. You can also enter a custom message to be inserted into the share email.
  7. Click Share to finish.
    Studio+ share final image