Start+ Release Notes

Start+ Release: March 4, 2022

Date: March 4, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m. PT

We are happy to announce that we’ve made enhancements to the loan-out process for crew who are onboarded via Start+. This specifically targets LLC loan-out types. 

We’ve outlined how the loan-out process has been enhanced, below: 

  • Crew onboarded as loan-outs specifically via Start+ who have LLC entity types will now be able to continue completing their start work in Start+ and can select from two additional LLC loan-out types when registering their loan-out information in MyCast&Crew: 
    • LLC Single Ownership 
    • LLC Partnership 
  • They will still go through the MyCast&Crew loan-out experience just like everyone else, but there will be a couple of key differences as outlined below: 
    • Crew will be requested to upload the supplemental documents needed as they complete their offer in Start+, which will be reviewed by our Payroll Coordinators manually. 
      • For single or multi-member LLCs, we require the IRS Acceptance Letter 
      • For partnerships, we require a redacted Form 1065 tax return OR their partnership agreement 
    • Once the supplemental documents are verified, and the loan-out entity has been successfully processed, the crew member will see a VALID status in their loan-out profile in MyCast&Crew. 
  • Note: In some cases, an LLC entity may still fail the loan-out registration process in MyCast&Crew. If a business is not Active with the Secretary of State (SoS), if they’re not in good standing with the SoS, or are not authorized to act on behalf of the entity, Cast & Crew will not be able to pay them as a loan-out. In those cases, the crew member will need to reject their Start+ offer and request a W-2 offer to be sent or correct their entity standing with the SoS and try to verify again. 

Associated Help Center Guide: 

  • Form W-9 will now include the option to select LLC loan-out types