Reporting+: Using In-Grid Filters

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You can use filters directly in your grid results to limit the data shown.  

This is a bit different from the “Filters” box

  • Grid filters can only be applied to a field that is displayed in the grid 
  • A grid filter can only filter one column at a time 
  • If you already have a grid filter applied, and want to apply another one, the second grid filter will overwrite the original filter 

How to Apply a Grid Filter

  1. Log in to Reporting+ and Create a new report, or run an existing report. 
  2. After you’ve selected the necessary fields, values, and filters, click the 3-dot icon on the column header row you want to filter. 
  3. Select Filter.
  4. A filter box will be displayed in the grid. Apply the filter criteria. 
    1. Select the column for which you’d like to apply the filter 
    2. Choose an operator, such as contains 
    3. Add the value for what data you’d like to filter for in the grid 
  5. The filtered data will automatically populate as you begin typing the value.
  6. The column for which you are filtering will have a filter icon (). Click this icon to change or clear the filter.