MyCast&Crew: Registering to Access Pay Stubs/W-2



If you're a first-time user, you'll see a welcome message with a Register link in MyCast&Crew.

Myc&c w-2 register

1. Click Register to begin. This will bring you to the User Registration page. 

2. Select the option "I have been paid by Cast & Crew or CAPS. Click Next.

3.  Select I use an American SSN (Social Security number). Click Continue.

select tax ID-SSN (002)


4. Input your personal details. This will help the system to look up your account. Click Next.



5. Select the street address that matches yours. Click Next.

6. When your information has been verified, choose which one to use with the most current details. Click Edit if you'd like to edit the selected profile, or click Next to continue.

8. The next pages will give you the option to update your file. If you make any updates click one of the pencil icons. Otherwise, click Finish Profile Update.


7. Click Take me to my offer to go back to your MyC&C account. Next time you log in, you'll be able to view your pay stubs and tax documents, which you can access from the main menu.