How do I set up micro-deposits?

If you're unable to find your bank institution on Plaid or if you use FECU (First Ent Cred Union), you'll need to manually enter your bank account and routing numbers. This will give Plaid permission to send two micros-deposit amounts into the bank account you are trying to connect.

You will then need to verify the deposits have arrived in your account by entering the quantity of the two micro-deposits.

This option takes about a day or 2 (business days).

Learn how to set this up here.

Same-Day Micro-Deposits

Plaid can send two micro-deposits into the bank account on the same day you connect your bank. This means two separate amounts will be CREDITED to your account and will show up as two separate transactions into your bank account.

The bank will then reverse the two deposits with a single DEBIT for the total of the two micro-deposits to the account, which will show as a negative amount in your bank account.

You will need to verify the two amounts by logging into MyC&C and clicking Verify Now under the "Connected Banks" list. While the micro-deposits may be sent to your account within a day, you have 7 days to return to MyC&C to complete the verification.

What if my Direct Deposit bank accounts say Pending user verification_01

Once you confirm the two micro-deposit amounts successfully, the status will update to “Verified”.

What if my Direct Deposit bank accounts say Pending user verification_03