Hours+ Release: October 21, 2021

Date: October 21, 2021

Time: 9:30 p.m. PT

Daily Timesheets 

  • Department heads and payroll accountants can enter and save times on a daily basis!  
    • This feature is to help those departments, especially big ones, that can’t wait until Friday night to enter all their timecards. 
  • Timecards that are created via the Daily Timesheets interface are in a new status called “Draft”, showing that a timecard has been created but not yet submitted to a crew member.   
  • Find more details here:  
  • If you want to export, in spreadsheet format, all the times that have been entered, use the Spot audit report.

Allowance Improvements 

  • Allowance-only timecards can be submitted by employees and via Crew Timecards.  

Day Types  

  • New “Holiday Not Worked Not Paid” day type can be used to indicate an unworked holiday without calculating payment. 

Improved Weekly Timecard (WTC) Functionality 

  • The left drawer on the WTC is tighter and cleaner and it shows a crystal-clear status of the timecard. 
  • For payroll accountants, when you move a timecard to a batch, you’ll see a link to allow you to go straight to that batch. 
  • Reviewers can now Approve and Reject on the WTC screen, in BULK!! 
    • This allows reviewers to have all the info they could ever want on their timecards before having to approve. No screen switching is needed. 
  • New checkboxes for DGA timecards: 
    • DGA MVA – calculates DGA MVA payments on the day(s) it is checked 
    • Prep Prod Fee – calculates a Production Fee payment for Prep day types for DGA 


  • When crew timecards are created on behalf of the employee, the employee no longer must “reject” the timecard to themselves to make corrections. They can simply click the “Edit” button, make any corrections that are needed, and submit the timecard! 

Timecards Screen 

  • A new column shows the days entered on each timecard. Easy to get a quick check on timecards. Great for approvers looking to use this screen for bulk approval. 
    • Hover over this new column to see the hours worked on each day.