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Digital Edits: How to Change Account Codes on Your Edit Report

Learn how to edit account codes directly on your edit report.

Note: This guide is for users with Invoice Approver permissions. It provides step-by-step instructions on updating account codes directly in your edit report. For a comprehensive overview of Digital Edits, please refer to this article. 

With Digital Edits, you can update certain account codes directly on your edit report, bypassing the need to request changes from your payroll coordinator. This accelerates invoice preparation, ensuring timely payment for your crew. 

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Accessing Account Code Editing

Editing Account Codes

Splitting Allowances

View Records With Account Code Changes

Things to Know

Accessing Account Code Editing

To begin, you can access your edit reports via one of the following: 

  • Studio+ email notifications
    • You’ll receive an email notification from Studio+ alerting you that a new edit report or approved invoice has been uploaded. You can click the ‘View Edit Report’ button to view the full edit report or, if you prefer to review the individual invoice files, you can click on the individual invoice links to view these files in Studio+. 
  • In Studio+
    • Under the “FROM Cast & Crew” folder, you’ll see your available edit reports. The latest versions will display a blue ‘Edit Report’ button and a hyperlinked invoice number. Click the button or the invoice number to access the Digital Edits screen. Note that prior versions of the edit report will not have active links.
    • Once an invoice has been approved, the approved versions of the invoice files will appear in Studio+. These files will display a blue 'Approved Invoice' button.
  • In Hours+
    • If you’re already an Hours+ user with Invoice Approver permissions, you can access the Digital Edits screen from the Invoices tab. 
    • You can click on the invoice number with a blue hyperlink to review the invoice on the Digital Edits screen. 

💡 Tip: The H+ icon notates the Hours+ invoices.

  • Any invoice that is not clickable simply means the edit report hasn’t been sent yet or you do not have permission to the invoice’s folder Studio+. 

Note: We strongly advise against having multiple tabs of Hours+/Studio+ open simultaneously. Opening Hours+/Studio+ in multiple tabs can lead to unintended consequences, such as getting logged out of one tab or not having your changes saved properly.   

To avoid any potential issues, we recommend keeping only one instance of Hours+/Studio+ open at a time. This will help ensure that your data is accurately saved and that you can smoothly navigate through the application without any interruptions. 

Editing Account Codes

  1. With your invoice open, locate the record that requires account code editing with the sidebar, or by scrolling to it. 
  2. For a complete overview of Digital Edits, view this article.  
  3. Next to the Daily Breakdown table, click the ‘Edit Fields’ button to open the fields of the record for account code editing:image-png-May-21-2024-12-41-44-6668-AM
  4. Edit the desired account codes on the record.
  5. 💡TIP: If you need to update the entire column of a record, use the Copy to All Rows button! (This will update the entire column with the value, not just the cells above or below where you are typing!) 
  6. Account code editing with Digital Edits allows you to make changes to the following fields: 

    • Account Code 
    • Episode 
    • Series 
    • Location 
    • Set 
    • Insurance 
    • Free Fields 1-4 
  7. Click Save when you have finished editing account codes for the record.

Splitting Allowances

Clicking the double-headed arrow icon allows you to split allowances as shown in this example:

Digital Edits ACE Splitting Allowances1

When you choose to split an allowance, you must type in a new amount on the new allowance line. This amount will automatically be subtracted from the original line, ensuring that the total of both lines equals the original allowance. Please note that you cannot change dollar amounts! 

View Records With Account Code Changes

The record will be highlighted in yellow with an icon to note that the record has been recalculated:

You will find the same icon on the record itself as well: 

Note: When you make changes to a record, associated records may also receive this icon. This is a normal and expected part of the process, as the system recalculates related records automatically.

From here, you can approve your invoice for immediate or future release by clicking on Approve Invoice. 

For a more detailed overview of the approval process for invoices, view this article.  

NOTE: If you require additional assistance outside of the account code edits you made, click Resubmit to C&C and enter your comments explaining the help you require.  

 Things to Know

  • If you enter an account code and it is not saving and, instead showing the original coding, this may indicate that the record has account code overrides in place.
  • Account codes can only be updated for an entire day; i.e., you cannot code overtime for a day differently from the rest of the day (unless coding overrides exist for your project).  
  • If you realize you entered an incorrect account code after approving or resubmitting the invoice, contact your payroll coordinator for additional assistance.