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CAPS Pay Project Users: How to Set Up a Batch

In CAPS Pay, you can create as many batches as needed for a job. A batch is simply a group of timecards.

A few important notes regarding batches:

  • Check with your Production Company if you're unsure how to batch your timecards. Batching timecards contrary to production company protocols can cause delays in processing.
  • Each batch of physical timecards should be submitted grouped together with the batch number clearly referenced.
  • Without the batch number, CAPS may not be able to find your timecards in the system and may process them manually, which will delay your payroll checks’ release.

To set up a batch:

  1. In the bottom half of the Batch tab, enter a batch description.
  2. Select a work start date. If not everyone started on the same day, select a day from the pop-up calendar that is common to as many of the batch timecards as possible. This can be changed on each individual timecard.
  3. Select the number of shoot days from the drop-down list or type it in. That number of shoot days will populate in the grid just below it. If there are no shoot days you can leave "Shoot Days" blank. On an all non-union jobs, do not use Shoot Days.
  4. For each shoot day, select the "Work Zone" from the drop-down menu.
    1. A location in the studio zone is a STUDIO work zone
    2. A location where crew will drive outside the zone and return at the end of the day is considered a DRIVE-TO work zone
    3. A location where crew will stay overnight is considered DISTANT
    4. You can also fill in the General Crew Call, and check any boxes that apply for the day, such as NDB, Walking Meal, Grace Meals, and Grace Wrap.
      1. If General Crew Call is entered, checking the NDB box will reset crew’s meal clock to the General Crew Call time.
      2. If no General Crew Call is entered, checking the NDB box will waive all meal penalties prior to meal, if applicable. Without a General Crew Call, the NDB box cannot be defaulted at the Batch level and must be selected on each individual timecard where NDB applies.
      • If you're not providing a General Crew Call, individual NDB times must be noted on physical timecards.

Important: Any of these selections can be changed in the individual timecards if they do not apply.

5. Click Save. The batch will be assigned a random batch number. The batch number and description appear in the "Batches" list. The Batch Status for the new batch will be "Open." Remember your batch number!

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