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CAPS Pay Administrators: How to Approve, Review, and Submit Batches to CAPS

Approve Batches

When a payroll batch is ready for submission, the Production Manager/Supervisor marks it complete by clicking the Batch is Complete button in the Timecards screen and then confirms the action. CAPS Pay will send you an email indicating that the batch is ready for review.

Re-Open a Batch

If you or the Production Manager/Supervisor need to make changes to a batch that has been marked complete:

  1. Enter the batch number in the top-right batch number field. CAPS Pay will load the Timecards screen for the batch.
  2. In the Timecards screen, click Reopen Batch.

The CAPS Pay Administrator and your CAPS Payroll Coordinator can also reopen batches for production teams if the admin is unavailable.

Review Batch and Submit to CAPS

To review and approve a payroll batch in CAPS Pay:

  1. Log in to CAPS Pay.
  2. Select the project and batch from the top-right drop-down menus, or enter the batch number in the header.
  3. To submit the batch to the CAPS Payroll Coordinator, click the Submit to CAPS button (located in the Timecards tab), and then confirm the submission. CAPS will be notified that you have submitted a payroll batch.

    Once you have submitted a batch to CAPS, you can no longer make changes to it.
    If a batch is submitted to CAPS in error, contact the CAPS Pay administrator to reject the batch.
  4. Send the physical payroll batch to CAPS.
    The payroll batch must include:
      • A coversheet that includes the Project Name and CAPS Pay assigned Batch Number.
        Please note: Without a batch number, CAPS has no indication that the timecards are already computed and may process manually, which can result in processing delays. To ensure the fastest processing, make sure the CAPS Pay batch number is provided with each payroll submission.
      • W-4s
      • I-9s
      • Timecards
      • Kit rental, mileage log, or other forms
      • Any other documents that support the payroll

    Important: The following information must be written on the original time cards:

      • Job & Employee information at top of timecard
      • Job title/position & rate of pay
      • In/out & meal times
      • AICP line numbers
      • Location(s)
      • Reimbursements
      • Total gross
      • Signatures at the bottom of the timecard

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