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CAPS Pay Administrators: Production Manager/Supervisor Tips & Hints

  • The email received by the Project User does not contain the initial password for security reasons. Once a Project User ID is issued, send the CAPS Pay Help Center link for Project Users.
  • If the same Production Manager/Supervisor will work on multiple projects, you must enter his or her information each time you set up a project. CAPS Pay assigns the Production Manager/Supervisor a unique login for each project. The same Production Manager/Supervisor working on different jobs will have multiple user IDs for CAPS Pay.
  • When a project is finished you should deactivate the Project Manager/Supervisor access to keep your payroll information protected:
    1. Select the Project from the top-right drop-down list, or after selecting the Projects tab in the left menu bar.
    2. Click Turn Off PM Login.
  • Projects can have multiple users assigned if additional production personnel would like to calculate timecards. For additional user IDs, contact the CAPS Pay Administrator.