Studio+: Working with US and Canada Projects for Payroll

If your organization has productions in both US and Canada, it’s important that the correct organization is selected when receiving your files from payroll.

Canadian organizations in Studio+ can be differentiated from US organizations by its suffix (the abbreviations after the name), which coincides with Cast & Crew's Canadian Payroll.

Suffix key:

  • US organizations will not have a suffix
  • VC = Vancouver Canadian Dollar​
  • VU = Vancouver US Dollar​
  • TC = Toronto Canadian Dollar​
  • TU = Toronto US Dollar

6b - prog in can and us faved

  • The image below shows three organizations:
    • The first one does not have a suffix after the name, indicating it's a US organization.
    • The second and third ones are two different Canadian organizations and show two different suffixes.

Favorite Folder

To navigate to the correct folder for Cast & Crew Payroll, we recommend favoriting the correct FROM Cast and Crew folder that corresponds to your Canadian or US payroll. This will allow it to display on your homepage once logged in and you can hover over it to quickly view its directory path.

To do this:

  1. Log in to Studio+.
  2. Click the organization name and navigate to the FROM Cast and Crew folder.
  3. Click the flag on the right of the row to favorite the folder.
    5b - fav can proj
  4. The folder will now be displayed on your homepage so you can easily navigate to it.
    6b - prog in can and us faved
  5. Hover over a favorited folder on the homepage to see its entire directory path (i.e., the parent folders the folder is nested under).  
    6a - prog in can and us faved

When working on a project that has payroll in both Canada and US, make sure to check the organization name (specifically its suffix) so that you're selecting the correct folder that corresponds to your Canadian or US payroll.