Studio+ Release: September 2, 2021

Date: September 2, 2021

Time: 10:00 p.m. PST

Open File Location 

  • You can now navigate directly to the location where a file is stored from search results and the home page. This allows for more efficient navigation, reducing unnecessary clicks and saving time. 

Date/Time Stamp for Viewed Files in Share 

  • Users who have access to Share Management can now see the date/time a file was viewed for the first time by a recipient. This will allow for greater visibility into when a certain user may have viewed a shared file. 

Share Message Body Character Limits 

  • We’ve increased the size of the message that can be sent along with Shares or in Share Messages to 25,000 characters. Now you can communicate your message as thoroughly as needed. 

“Select All” Option in User Organization Permission Modal 

  • A “Select/unselect All” option, now allows an admin to quickly add or remove all permissions for a user during user creation or modification. This significantly speeds up the provisioning of permissions to admin-level users. 

Infinite Scroll Search Results and Bulk Action 

  • Search results are now shown on a single page with infinite scroll. This allows users to load as many relevant results as possible, then select multiple files and perform a bulk action. Users can now more quickly download, print, move, or delete relevant files directly from their search results. 

Close Dialog Boxes With the ESC Button 

  • Dialog boxes in Studio+ can now be closed by pressing the ESC button on your keyboard, giving you a quicker way to clean up your screen at your disposal. You'll still be able to click the "X" in the top right to close the box.