Studio+: Receiving Notifications

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Folder-level notifications

Category-level notifications

Disable category notifications

To stay informed on activity within your Studio+ organization, you can receive email notifications. There are two types of notification emails you can receive: 

  • Folder activity 
  • Documents uploaded by category type 

Folder-level notifications

You can enable notifications for a specific folder, which allows you to receive an email whenever new files are uploaded to that destination folder. This can be helpful to stay informed when new payroll files are sent to Studio+ by your payroll coordinator. 

  • To Enable/Disable: Right-click the row or click the 3-dot menu located to the right of a folder and select Enable Notifications or Disable Notifications.

Studio+ notifications

Tip: It is recommended that you enable notifications for all FROM Cast & Crew folders, so you are notified whenever new payroll edits are uploaded.  

Note: If you have turned on folder-level notifications that conflict with a category-enabled notification, the folder-level notification will control the notifications you receive and you will receive notifications regardless of category assigned to files that are uploaded under that folder. If you’d like to receive notifications by category only, you can always disable the folder-level notification.

Category-level notifications

Documents can be assigned a specific category they are uploaded to Studio+.  

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If you’d like to receive email notifications for new uploads by category, regardless of their destination folder, you can enable notifications for document types. To do this: 

  1. In your User Settings, scroll down to see the organizations you have access to. 
  2. Once you find the organization for which you’d like to edit your notifications, click the down arrow on the right side of the row. 
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  3. The table will expand, and you’ll see all categories within your organization. Select the categories for which you’d like to enable notifications.  
    1. The categories you see will vary based on what your organization has set up.
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  4.  Once you’ve selected the categories for which you’d like to receive email notifications, click Save

To disable these notifications, uncheck the boxes next to the categories you'd like to stop receiving email notifications for.

Click Save once you’ve made all appropriate edits. 

Tip: Email notifications are enabled by default in your settings to ensure you will receive emails for all notifications set up. If you’d like to turn off all email notifications in Studio+, uncheck Email notifications under your “Notifications” user settings. 

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