Studio+: How To Upload Corrections For Adjustment Invoices

The “Adjustments Corrections” folder is used to upload general payroll files that you’d like your payroll coordinator to view and adjust. For example, this can be an overpayment or underpayment of some sort that needs to be adjusted. Once the file has been uploaded to this folder, the payroll coordinator can view and handle the adjustments. Then, the payroll coordinator will upload the adjusted invoices into the FROM Cast & Crew folder. 

1. Double-click the TO Cast & Crew folder in your project. 

Studio+ to and from folders

2. Double-click the Adjustments Corrections folder to upload your files you’d like to send to the payroll coordinator. 

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3. Click Upload in the top left. Studio+ upload adjustments-1

4. Make sure the file is in the proper Adjustments Corrections destination folder. Graphical user interface, application

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5. Select folder, Select file(s), or drag & drop files into the Upload window. 

6. Once you select a file, it’ll automatically load into Studio+.  

    • A red X indicates that the file is still uploading.
    • Green check indicates the file has successfully uploaded. 

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7. Close the window to see the uploaded file(s).