Start+ Release Notes

Start+ Release: April 24, 2022

Date: April 24, 2022

Time: 7:30 p.m. PT

  • Creating an offer just got a lot easier! While creating or reviewing an offer, you’ll be able to change the start date without losing all the information on the page.  
    • The entered and selected data such as job titles, rates, and documents on the Create Offers page will not be erased if you change the start date while creating or reviewing an offer. 
      • If the rate is scale, then the new scale rate will be automatically filled in.  
      • If the rate is negotiated, then the same rate will remain.  
        Below scale” warning messages may appear if applicable.  
  • We’re cleaning things up by renaming “Draft” offer status to “Pending Reviewer.”  
    • This is a clearer verbiage choice that better describes the status and provides more continuity with our other products’ terminology.  
  • We’ve added the Hiring Manager and Reviewer names to the Offer History of each offer. This gives a more complete view of the offer timeline in just one click.  
  • In addition to downloading forms, the existing filters on Offers Documents will now filter what you see on the page! The column headers will also be anchored to the page so you always know which column you’re following.  

  • The loan-out crew members’ W9 forms will be added to Start+ offer documents so you have a copy whenever you need it.  
  • We’ve restored the fields that were temporarily removed from the Crew List. Thank you for your patience with us while we improved this feature.  
    • Emp Classification  
    • Entity Name 
    • FEIN 
    • I9 Ver Date (US only)