Getting Started

Start+: I-9 Reviewer Quick Start Guide

Learn how to approve a crew member's Form I-9 directly in Start+.


The I-9 verifier is responsible for entering information related to the employment eligibility and identification documents provided by the crew member.

When the crew member has completed their portion of the I-9, you'll receive a Daily Digest notifying you that crew members will be providing documents.

Verifying an I-9

Upon login, you will be taken to the I-9 Dashboard. From here, you will be able to see the current status of an I-9 and be able to perform the individual reviews. 

Note: I-9 status will turn RED three days after the start date and count the days past due until verified.

1. To review an I-9 and add in eligibility/identification documents, click Verify under the "Actions" column.

2. Enter your full legal name and initials and click Yes, Save For The Duration Of My Session. 

NOTE: This will be how your name and initials appear on the I-9 forms you verify.

3. Enter the employee’s middle initial (or N/A if none) and the number of the Citizenship Status that the employee selected on page 1 of the form (either 1, 2, 3, or 4).

4. From the drop-down menus, select the document(s) that you were presented and add in the required document information (Document Number, Issuing Authority, Expiration Date (or N/A if no expiration date).

5. Complete the verification by entering the First day of Employment, Verifier Name and Title, and sign the document.

6. Click Verify I-9 at the top of the screen to be taken back to the I-9 Dashboard.


Click here to view/download a PDF version of this guide.