Reporting+: How to Select Operators in the Values Container

Reporting+ can be used to run simple calculations based on selected fields in either data source. 


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Value Container

Types of Operators

You can utilize the "values container" to run calculations, including: 

  • Count the number of checks issued to an employee​
  • Sum the total earnings for all or an individual employee​
  • Count the number of days worked​
  • Average the number of hours worked in a week​
  • Using the count unique operator, count the number of employees that identify as either female or male or those that did not give their gender
R+ values container

Value Container

There are a few things to keep in mind as you use the Values container:

  • The calculations in the Values container will always be the last column displayed in the report preview. If two selected fields are added to the report, then the calculations will be the last two columns in the grid from the right.​
    reporting+ values operator
  • The type of field you select should align with the appropriate operator used.
    • For example, a text field will not allow for SUM, AVG, as operators. This will return an error when you try to preview the data. This also applies to date fields.
  • You can select from any field to perform a calculation. However, if a count is not used correctly, it will count the number of records in our data.

Types of Operators

Operators are the specific calculation that you can select and run within Reporting+.

  • Sum: performs addition on the selected field and the data that is displayed, and is grouped based on the selected field with the hierarchy of data being from left to right​
  • Count: counts the number of instances of the selected field​
  • Count Unique: for every unique instance of the selected field, it returns a value of 1 and then sums each unique instance of 1, resulting in the total count​
  • Min: finds the smallest integer in the selected field​
  • Max: finds the largest integer in the selected field​
  • Avg: calculates the average of the selected field