MyCast&Crew: Recover Your Password (Mobile & Desktop)

If you forgot your password, follow the steps below to reset your password and log in to your MyCast&Crew account.

The password recovery steps are the same for both mobile and desktop.

1. On the MyCast&Crew login page, click Forgot password?

MyC&C login page 12.2

2. Type the email address associated with your account. Click Recover password.

MyC&C recover password

3. Select the recovery method you set up.

4.0 Dektop text and voice

4. Select Text me or Call me to receive a 5-digit numeric code which you'll use to verify your account.

5. Enter the code you received and click Verify code.


6. Create a new password for your account. Make sure your new password meets all the requirements and matches in both text fields. Click Create password.

Click Tips for remembering your password to view tips for creating a strong, unique password that's easy to remember.

8.0 Dektop create password

7. You'll see a success screen when your password has been successfully created.

8. Click Log in to MyCast&Crew dashboard to log in to MyCast&Crew using your email and new password.

9.0 Dektop success screen