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Getting Production Digitally Ready! Tips for Success

We've provided a helpful list of tips and tricks to get you ready to go digital with our products:


Though Start+ & Hours+ are mobile responsive, some functionalities are easier to work with and read on a laptop, iPad or desktop. We recommend Chromebooks in kiosk-mode (ask us how!)

Internet or cellular access is required to submit digital starts and timecards

Internet access is needed to use Cast & Crew’s digital products. You may need to set up mobile hotspots if your production is remote. 

Internet browser

Cast & Crew products work best with browsers that are automatically updated to the latest version—in this case, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari—we do not support Internet Explorer. Make sure your browser is updated with the latest version.

Email addresses

Admins require a secondary email address to access our digital product suite.

This is because Admins require additional permissions, and it’s important to separate the user who creates and approves the offer (the admin) from the user who accepts the offer (the production employee). Also, if an admin leaves a job, a secondary email ensures their production employee information (e.g., their offers, MyFiles, etc.) will follow them as they move from job to job or studio to studio.

Start inviting employees and onboarding ASAP!

Get your employees set up early so they can address any questions ahead of time.

Keep in mind: Employees need to have an email address to be invited to your project. Prep days are best days to start going digital. Contact your CSM with your heavy onboarding days/weeks and provide your start date.

Finish start work 

All required start work needs to be submitted and approved before employees can submit a timecard in Hours+ 

Stay on top of unfinished documents 

View outstanding documents in Start+ by clicking Pending Approval in the “Approval” columns and see where you need to take action. 

Adjust the approval flow 

Need to add or remove approvers? If you find you need to make an update to your approval flow, contact us and we can adjust that for you right away! 

Need help?

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