Getting Started

Understanding Programs and Command Screens

Program screens allow you to open or close programs, enter setup records, enter or post transactions, retrieve (find) entries, inquire into entries, and generate reports. As with the home screen, you can type on the Keyboard or click the mouse to navigate the screens and command the programs.  

Program screens include the following areas:  

  • Title bar 
  • Program Menu bar 
  • Toolbar working area Hunt bar 
  • Activity bar, for screens where you work with entries 

The exact layout of the program screens depends, in part, on the type of accounting procedures it supports:  

  • Setup (a record) entry Transaction entry Reporting 
  • Posting 
  • Inquiry 

Screens that support the same type of procedures have similar layouts. For example, record entry and transaction entry require similar steps and thus the setup entry and transaction entry screens are similar.

The other factor affecting the layout is the type of data the screen displays, for example, bank data versus vendor data. Once you're finished working in a program screen, you use a command screen to finalize your task.

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