PSL+ Tracking Cast & Crew Payroll Direct Debit/Auto AP

  • Cast & Crew offers a direct debit option for payroll invoice payments. 
  • When the production approves weekly payroll invoices, the payment will be collected automatically. 
  • These payments can be tracked in PSL+’s A/P Entry program. 
  • Although there are various ways to track payments in PSL+, we have highlighted the recommended steps on how to enter these types of direct debit payments. 

To sign up for direct debit, please contact 

Creating the A/P Transaction

  1. Import the payroll invoice: Payroll Menu → Load C&C Invoice [printr]. 
  2. Post the payroll reference: Payroll Menu → Post P/R Transactions [prpost]. 

    If you are currently using the automatic AP option when posting payroll, continue using this option to have PSL+ create the AP reference. 

    • Contact if you would like automatic AP enabled.  You will need to provide the Cast & Crew Vendor ID and any Holiday and/or accrual accounts to be excluded. 
    • If you choose, you can also enter the AP manually. 
  3. Review and modify the AP Transaction: AP Menu → A/P Entry [apte].

    • Type in the AP reference number 
    • Verify that the invoice amount due matches the AP reference that was created. 
    • Choose the ‘W’ Wire Transfer - Payment Type 
    • Post the AP. 
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      Please Note: 'W' Wire Transfer Payment Type:

      These types of transactions will be available to print in the Check printing program and will print with a ‘non-negotiable’ / ‘void’ flag on the check copy. PDF option is available for this payment type. 

      To set up the WT number range:

    • PSL+ can automatically assign the next available Wire number by entering the Last Used WT Number in Setup Menu → Bank Entry [subank]. 
    • We recommend choosing a range that is outside your EFT and computer check number range. 
  4. Print a check copy: Checks Menu → Computer Check Printing [ckprnt]. Choose a bank and payment type 'W' then click Print to generate a PDF check copy.
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