PSL+: On-Demand Training Video

Get the training you need when you need it with our PSL+ on-demand training resources.

If you would prefer to learn about PSL+ in smaller segments instead of watching one long video, check out our curated courses in EDGE On-Demand

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Watch: Basic and Advanced Training: The Accounting Cycle Overview

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We made it easy to get trained to use PSL+ with our on-demand training video. Published on our YouTube channel, you can quickly jump to specific chapters relevant to the type of training you're looking for. You can also retrieve the transcript at the bottom of the screen to follow along with the video. We've laid out these helpful tips and tricks, below.

Select Chapters

  • You can view chapters in the small window player and scroll to pick the part that's relevant to you.

Once expanded, you'll find helpful links to the guides that are mentioned in the video, as well as timestamps for each chapter. Click the chapter timestamps to quickly jump to that specific chapter in the video.

  • Lastly, you can view the chapters included by clicking on the chapter name next to the timer in the video player. This will open a Chapters section to the right of the video.

YouTube chapters

View Transcript

You'll need to be on the video page on YouTube. Click on this link to navigate there.

From here, click the 3-dot button below the video. Then, click Show Transcript. 

The transcript will display on the right side of the screen. You can scroll through the transcript and click on the text or timestamp to automatically jump to that specific part in the video.