PSL+: MICR Check Printing

Before You Begin

Please review our recommendations, below.

  • MICR Toner
    • Can be purchased at any office supply store.
    • If this is the first time you are using MICR check printing, contact the bank to find out if they accept MICR checks. If they do, you will need to:
      1. Print out a test check and submit it to the bank for validation.
      2. Once the bank has accepted the test checks, you may begin printing MICR checks within PSL+.

To begin, PSL+ should be set to use the “Standard Print Engine.” To do this:

  1. Click Settings in the upper navigation.
  2. Select Advanced > Printers > Standard Print Engine.

Setting Up PSL+ with Bank Specifications

Bank Information

  1. Head to Setup Menu and open Banks [subank].
  2. Update “Account” field with the bank account number.
  3. Verify under ‘”Check Printing Information” that the Check Form field is set to “MICRLA”.

MICR Information

  1. From Bank Entry [subank], click the F3 key on your keyboard to open the MICR Check Setup screen.
  2. “Payor Check Address Information”: This is the address/info that will print on the check.

Bank Routine Information

  1. Right-click Signature Lines.
  2. Choose one of the signature options displayed.
  3. Click OK.
  4.  Fill out “Routine line 1” and “Routine line 2” fields.
    • Routing Line 1: This Fractional Routing Number is usually found on the top-right of the check.
      • Example: 93-4999 (2-4 digits)
    • Routing Line 2: This number is the second-half of the fraction number.
      • Example: 9999 (can be up to 4 digits)       
    • Routing Line 1 + Routing Line 2 example = 93-4999/9999

MICR Line Information

  • Transit number: This number is the Bank Routing Number. This is found in the middle section of the MICR line.
  • On-us: This is the bank account number. This is the last combination of numbers at the end of the MICR line.

Sample MICRLA Compatible Blank Check Stock (8.5" x 11")

The cashable/negotiable portion of the check is in lower 1/3 and spans the full width of paper.