Getting Started

Icons and Shortcuts

PSL+ provides several methods for interacting with the program, including icons, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse shortcuts. You can pick the method that best suits your work style.

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Toolbar Icons

Function Keys

Name Keys and Key Combinations

You may want to print the following tables to use as a quick reference:

Toolbar Icons

The toolbar is present on all screens of PSL+ Application, each icon is assigned with a function. You can execute the necessitated function. Icons in blue are enabled and icons in grey are disabled for a selected transaction. 


The following tables describe the PSL+ icons for program toolbars which are as follows (from left to right):

Icon Entry Preview Reporting+ Function Cursor Location Description
E P   First Entry Field Go to the first entry.
E P   Previous Entry Field Go to the previous entry.
E P   Next Entry Field

Go to the next entry.

E P   Last Entry Field Go to the last entry.
E P   Add Entry Field Add a new entry.



    Mark Entry for deletion

Record entry or header field

Distribution Field

Mark the entry for deletion.

Mark the distribution line for deletion.

E     Find Entries Field

Find entries based on search criteria.

E     Update Field Save the changes made since the last save, and leave the current entry displayed on the screen. (Example use: interim saves while entering a transaction with many distribution lines.)
E     Accept Field Save the changes (including deletions) since the last save, clear the screen and leave the program open. 
E     Cancel Field Cancel all changes and new entries since the last save, clear the screen and leave the program open.  
E     Exit Field Save the changes and new entries, and close the program. 
E   R Detail Field Display detailed information (if available) for the field. 
E   R Pick Field Displays a dropdown list of the available entry choices for the field.  
E   R Zoom Field

Opens a new program from within the current program. Used with Fetch.

For example, with your cursor in the Vendor ID Field of the A/P Transaction Entry Program, click the Zoom Icon to open the Vendor Entry program without leaving the A/P Screen.  

E     Fetch Field Populate the field from which you zoomed with data from the zoomed-to program. To continue the zoom example, click the Fetch Icon to fetch a Vendor ID back to the Vendor ID field in the A/P Transaction Entry Program.  
E   R Help Field Opens the Cast & Crew online help pages. 
    R Clear Field Clear the screen. 
    R Cancel Entry Field

Cancel the entry.

E   R Print Field Open the print dialog screen.
      Remark Field Open the remark screen.

Function Keys

Function keys provide shortcuts to commands, additional information, and inputting, finding, saving, or changing entries.

The results of pressing a function key depend on the location of the cursor. If you're using a Mac or Windows computer, you may need to hold down the Fn key first and the other key simultaneously to perform the shortcut action.

Key Function Cursor Location Result of Pressing Function Key
F1 Command Field Displays command screen. Commands shown depend on the accounting task and stage of data entry.  
F2 Pick List Field If available, displays a drop-down list of possible entries for the field.  
F3 Detail Field If available, displays additional information for the field.  
F4 Add

The field in header section or record-entry screen  

The field in Distribution Section  

Creates a new entry ready to be filled in, and automatically fills in the reference number.  

Creates a new transaction line, ready to be filled in.  


Zoom Field Accesses or adds information from a related program while keeping the original program.
F7 Find

Blank Field  

Populated Field



Searches for and retrieves entries from your database. Pressing <F7> in a blank field (that is, not entering a search criterion) retrieves all the entireties related to the program.  

Searches for and retrieves entries from your database. You can use search criteria (including the * wildcard) to narrow down entries retrieved. Entering a value in one or more fields and then pressing <F7> (that is, entering search criteria) retrieves only the entries whose value for the fields match the entered values.  

F8 Back Field Moves your cursor back to the previous field where you can input data.  
F9 Duplicate

Header Field  

Distribution Field  

Duplicates the field value from the previous entry.  

Duplicates the field value from the previous distribution line.  


Mark for Deletion

Header Field  

Distribution Field  

Marks the entries entry for deletion, as shown by red lines through all header fields and distribution lines.  

Marks an individual distribution line for deletion, as shown by a red line through the distribution line. 

F11 Jump Transaction Screen Jumps between the header section and distribution section.  
F12 Remark Field Adds a remark to the displayed entry.   

Name Keys and Key Combinations

The behavior of name keys and key combinations may change, depending on the location of the cursor.

Key Function Cursor Location Result of Pressing Function Key
<Enter> Accept


Entry Screen  

Message Screen 

 Command Screen  

Accept the data you entered and move the cursor forward one field.  

Close the message screen.  

Execute the entered command.  

<Tab> Navigate Program Screen Move from field to field.  



Program Screen 

Move from group box to group box.  








Navigate Entries  

Navigate Fields  

Navigate Pages  






Pick List in an entry screen  

The field in the header of a transaction that has entries  

The field in distribution line of the transaction entry screen that has entries  




Page up or page down through the list.  

Display the next or previous entry for the field.  

Display the next or previous page of entries for the field. For example, a P/O may have more distribution lines than one screen can display. Move your cursor to a distribution field, then press <Page Up> or <Page Down> to go through the distribution lines one page at a time.  

Shape/ Shape

Navigate Characters 


Move your cursor one character left or right 


Navigate Entries 


Move the cursor up or down the column of distribution lines.  


Navigate Fields 


Move the cursor back one field.  



Navigate Fields 


Move the cursor back one field.  



Enter Data 


Blank out a field.  


Enter Data 


Deletes the character to the left of the cursor.  


Enter Data 

The field that has a changed entry. 

Restore the previous value of the field. The cursor must not leave the field between the entry and the restore.