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How do I access my W-2?

Your W-2 from a prior year may also be accessed at my.castandcrew.com. To get started, we’ll first need to verify you have been paid by Cast & Crew. Please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your first and last name, social security number and date of birth
  2. Choose a correct associated mailing address
  3. Enter your email and phone number
  4. Once we confirm your identity, you will receive an email with instructions. If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, or experience any other issues, please contact us at employeehelpdesk@castandcrew.com or 888.570.4650..

Please note that MyCast&Crew access is available for employees paid in the U.S. only, at this time.

Once registered, you will have access to:

  1. Reprint a copy of your W-2
  2. Request a W-2-C (change to your W-2)
  3. Consent to receive your W-2 via email the following year
If you experience any problems with this process, please call 800.511.8087.