Getting Started

Hours+: Working With the Invoices Screen

The Invoices screen can be used to track your payroll from the instant that it’s created. It provides a high-level view of all timecards and makes it easier to stay organized, so your edits come back to you as you decide. 

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By default, this screen shows all invoices that haven’t been paid yet. You can click the status badges at the top of the page to hide and show invoices within those statuses. 

Status Definitions

The statuses that you see will vary based on your role and permissions.

  • All Invoices: Enables all statuses for you to view all invoices  
  • Unsubmitted: These invoices have timecards that have not yet completed the approval flow. You can still move timecards in and out of this invoice. New timecards will be automatically added to Unsubmitted invoices. (Hours+ only)  
  • Pending Re-Approval: One or more timecards have been rejected by your coordinator and need to be reapproved. (Hours+ only)  
  • Submitted to C&C: All timecards on this invoice have completed the approval flow and it’s ready for your coordinator. You can still move timecards in and out of this invoice. (Hours+ only)  
  • Processing: Your coordinator has begun preparing your edit.  
  • Resubmitted: Your requested changes have been sent back to your coordinator.  
  • Edits: The edit has been sent to you.   
  • Revisions: The invoice is being commented on by you.  
  • C&C Review: The invoice’s approval has been received. Your coordinator will process it during regular business hours.  
  • Future Release: The invoice has been approved by the coordinator, and payments will be released automatically at a specified date  
    • 💡 Hover over the information icon to see when the invoice will be released  
  • Invoice Approved: The coordinator has received your approval and has marked the invoice accordingly.    
  • Paid: The invoice has been paid.   
  • Hold: Rarely used. Your coordinator will let you know when they need to use Hold.   

Pro Tips

To view all the timecards included in an invoice, simply click on the invoice.  

You’ll be brought straight to the search timecards screen, filtered on the timecards for that invoice. This is a great way to track down those late timecards that are holding up invoices in “Waiting for Approval.”