Hours+ Release Notes

Hours+ Release: July 15, 2021

Date: July 15, 2021

Time: 9:30 p.m. PT

Search Invoices Screen

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Searching for your invoices and edits has never been easier. We are proud to announce that invoices and edits will be searchable in a new Search Invoices screen. This will help you keep track of edits and save time when comparing your batches to your invoices. 

This release will include the following: 

  • Once a coordinator creates an invoice, that invoice will appear in the Search Invoices screen. This gives you the ability to track where the edit is in its process.  
  • You can even look at old invoices that were paid earlier in the year, allowing quick reference.  
  • Please note: any invoices paid prior to 2021 will not be able found in Hours+.  
  • Payroll accountants will find this screen most valuable, however, since there’s no sensitive data on the Search Invoices screen, reviewers can access it as well.  
  • One click takes you from the Search Invoices screen to the timecards on the specific invoice. 

Auto Coding

  • Hours+ will now allow payroll accountants to apply auto-coding on a timecard-by-timecard basis.  
  • If you would like to enable auto-coding, your implementation specialist will gather your requirements and turn on this functionality for you. 
  • Reviewers can take advantage of auto-coding when they need to make coding changes.  
  • Auto-coding can be disabled for a given timecard on the Weekly Timecard screen. This allows an accountant to instantly override auto-coding rules. 


  • On the Weekly Timecard Screen, we now offer the ability to print all timecards in a batch instead of printing one timecard at a time.  
  • The Search Timecards tab now has a link to the corresponding 2020 project allowing you to search and see timecards from 2020.