Hours+ Release: April 16, 2021

Date: April 15, 2021

Time: 9:30 p.m. PDT

Search Timecards 

  • Now you can find your timecards anywhere, anytime, and anyway you like. With new search enhancements, you can filter by invoice and sort any way you like to quickly check your edits no matter how many batches they contain.  
  • Department Heads can use the search timecards screen to add comments to timecards. 
  • You’ll now be able to see if a timecard belongs to an employee who is also an approver. 

Review Screens 

  • Review screens will now load 20 batches by default, saving you time from flipping through pages to find what you’re looking for. 
  • History screen will now default to show only timecards that have not yet been paid, allowing you to focus only on those outstanding timecards. 
    • Note: “Paid” is defined by the time that an invoice receives a posted date from payroll. You can think of this as the time that money goes out the door. Once an invoice is paid, its status does not change. 

Bulk Edit Page 

  • New Bulk Edit Control Shortcuts! You can now use Enter (aka Returnand Shift+Enter (aka Shift+Returnto move up and down the table. Press Tab and Shift+Tab to move left and right. 
  • Bulk Edit now shows the number of timecards for the whole week as well as the number of timecards under each specific filter criteria. 
  • Don’t worry about losing your edits, you’ll now be notified if you try to leave the page with unsaved changes.  

Other Improvements 

  • Emails to payroll accountants and reviewers now show the project name in the subject line to easily distinguish the projects you need to prioritize. 
  • Department heads will only see timecards in their own department, even if those timecards are batched with other departments.  
  • Crew timecards will no longer generate duplicate timecards when employees have partial deal memos. The UI will also show exactly which dates aren’t covered by some deals.   
  • Crew timecard’s department drop-down is now alphabetized. 
  • A helpful icon will help distinguish which timecards are “Emergency Timecards.” 
  • Time entry is no longer allowed for day type “HOA – Home on Accord.” 
  • On the weekly timecard screen, an allowance’s supporting document now displays its name instead of just “download file.” 
  • On the weekly timecard screen, the rate field in the timecard days table will limit to numbers and decimals only. 
  • The projects and users lists now default to 50 rows, saving you time to find what you’re looking for.