Hours+: Payroll Accountant Role Quick Start Guide

Hours+ users in the Payroll Accountant role can view and approve production crew timecards by batch. Each batch provides visibility into employees’ total hours, gross wages and timecard breakage for a given time period.


  • Create and submit a personal timecard
  • View batches of timecards by week ending date
  • Review details of timecards that have been approved by employees
  • Review and approve timecard breakage through the HTG engine prior to sending to Cast & Crew

SIGN IN HERE: https://hoursplus.castandcrew.com/

After signing in and selecting your project, you will see a total of four tabs available on the interface:

    Submits individual timecard entry
    Displays all individuals by assigned department
    Shows the status of crew timecards by week ending dates and allows creation of timecards by department
    Filters completed timecards for review and approval

Reviewing and approving timecards

1. To begin a review session, select Reviews from the available tabs.

2. Select the batch to be reviewed by clicking HTG+ button.

3. Select an employee timecard on the left of the screen.

4. Review messages to find issues with current status of timecard.

5. Select the work location from the dropdown menu, review hours keyed and assign the account number if it has not been entered into the timecard.

6. Add any allowances/reimbursements for the week.

7. Press Save at the top of the timecard to send the timecard for breakage.

8. Once you have the reviewed the timecard, press Approve to send the timecard to Cast & Crew or Reject to send the timecard back to the employee for modification.

Note: If you reject a timecard, you must enter a reason for the rejection. This reason will be forwarded to the employee via email to assist them in correcting the error.

Adding Allowances

1. Select the pay code by double clicking on the blank box in the Pay Code column and selecting the payment type.

2. Enter the amount being paid to the employee.

3. Enter or modify the account coding for the payment.

4. Press the Save at the top of the screen. Repeat these steps for any additional allowances or reimbursements.

Printing Timecards

1. Select the employee timecard you want to print from the left.

2. Press the blue cog wheel at the top of the employee list and select Print to download the timecard as a PDF.

NOTE: To print timecards that have already been approved, choose the Reviewed subtab, select the week ending date batch from the list, and follow the steps above.

Creating a Timecard For a Single Employee

It may be necessary for the HTG Approver to create a timecard for an employee who is not able to access the Hours+ application. Once his or her timecard is created, the employee will need to sign off on it before the timecard can be submitted for approval.

1. To create a timecard for an employee, select the Crew Timecards tab from the menu at the top right of the screen.

2. Select the employee’s week ending date and department from the Crew Timecards list.

3. Locate the employee and click the Blank button to the right of his or her occupation.

4. Select Create Timecard from the pop-up window and enter the employee’s hours worked.

5. Enter any allowances/reimbursements to be paid and click Submit to Employee(s) to send the timecard to the employee for approval. The employee will receive an email prompt to sign the timecard. Once signed, the timecard will be routed through the approval flow.

Creating a Timecard For Multiple Employees

It may be necessary for the HTG Approver to create timecards for a group of employees within a department. Once created, the employees will need to sign off on their timecards before they can be submitted for approval.

1. To create a timecard for a group of employees, select the CREW TIMECARDS tab at the top right of your screen.              

2. Select the week ending date and department for the group of employees.

3. Select the employees whose timecards you are creating by checking the box next to their names.

Note: Creating a Group Timecard enters the same information for all the employees you selected.    

4. The system indicates how many employees you have selected at the top left of the screen.

5. Click Create Group Timecard.

6. Review the employees you selected for the Group Timecard.

7. Remove an employee by clicking the X to the far right of his or her name.

8. When all employees are correct, click Create Group Timecard.

9. Enter employees’ hours worked.

10. Enter any allowances/ reimbursements to be paid and click Submit to Employee(s) to send the timecards to the employee(s) for approval. The employee(s) will receive an email prompt to sign their timecards. Once signed, the timecards will be routed through the approval flow.

Click here to view/download a PDF version of this guide.