Working with Timecards

Hours+: Handling Timecard Splits

Payroll accountants can discover how to split timecards in Hours+.


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Watch: Handling Timecard Splits

Splitting Hours by Time

Splitting Hours by Percentage

Changing a Meal Penalty Account Code

Watch: Handling Timecard Splits

Sometimes when reviewing timecards, payroll accountants find that they must split a crew member’s time between two or more account codes. Hours+ makes this easy.

In this guide, we cover:

  • Splitting hours by time
  • Splitting hours by percentage
  • Changing a meal penalty account code

Splitting Hours by Time

Example: Addy Carver is a payroll accountant. After reviewing the daily production report, she notices that on Tuesday and Wednesday, Charles worked on episodes 103 and 104. She needs to split the timecard to reflect the correct number of hours for each episode.

Begin by clicking the Split button. On Tuesday, Charles worked on Episode 104 from 12:30 to 6. Enter 12.5 and 18 for Start and End time.

For the episode, select 104. Click Save/Calculate.

Next, check the Timecard Breakdown. It should display the hours split for both straight time and overtime.

Splitting Hours by Percentage

In this scenario, Wednesday’s hours still need to be adjusted. This time, we’re going to do a percentage split.

Click the Split button. For Split Type, select Percent from the dropdown. Now, enter “40” for the percentage and select 104 for the episode. Click Save/Calculate.

Scroll down to view the Timecard Breakdown. Straight time and overtime hours have been adjusted.

Changing a Meal Penalty Account Code

On Thursday and Friday, Charles did not take lunch. Though Hours+ has already performed the calculation, we want to track meal penalties using a different account code.

Click the Split button next to Thursday. For Split Type, select Units from the dropdown. Now, enter “1” for the value.

Then, enter the new account code. Click Save/Calculate.

We still need to adjust Friday. Instead of keying everything in again, we can copy-and-paste the previous split.

Click the vertical ellipsis next to Split Type. Select Paste Split Settings To. Here you can select one or more days. We’ll choose January 31st for Friday. Now, click Paste Split. Then, click Save/Calculate.

The timecard is now complete.

Note: If you want to display additional timecard columns, you can click the dropdown and choose from the list. When you have finished, click Submit for Approval.