Payroll Accountants

Hours+ Payroll Accountants: How to Bring a Timecard Back to Your Queue

Learn how to easily recall a timecard back to your queue to make additional changes

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Payroll Accountants can bring an employee’s timecard back to their queue even if it’s been submitted to an approver or Cast & Crew. This can be extremely helpful if you made a mistake or forgot to add something like an allowance. 

This allows you to correct your own mistakes and take control of your own workflow. Now there’s no longer a need to call your boss and ask them to log in just to have them reject a timecard back to you. 

Things to keep in mind

This feature is only available to Payroll Accountants and can only be used on timecards that have already been approved by you and have not been touched by the payroll coordinator yet. 

How to Return a Timecard Back to Your Queue 

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  1. After you’ve approved the timecard and sent it to the next step in the workflow, the Recall button will turn blue (this just means it’s active).
  2. Click Recall.
  3. In the modal, you have the option to select the day of the week and add a note.
  4. Click Recall Timecard. The timecard will then be returned to your queue in the “Ready for Payroll Accountant” status, and you can make your edits and either submit or reject.

Having the power to correct any errors on a timecard saves you time and hopefully makes you more at ease knowing that you have more control over your employees’ timecards.