Hours+ Payroll Accountants: How to Delete a Timecard

Those in the Payroll Accountants role in Hours+ can delete timecards for crew members. 

1. Head to the Reviews tab in Hours+.

2. Navigate to the Weekly Timecard view for the timecard you wish to delete. This can be done by clicking View All, or by clicking directly on the employee's name.

3. Click Delete Timecard at the top of the screen next to the crew member's name.

wtc screen w delete button4. A notification will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion. You can add a comment, which will show in the timecard creator's email notification.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 2.37.19 PM (1)

5. Click Yes, Delete Timecard to delete the crew member's timecard.

IMPORTANT: Deleting a timecard cannot be undone

 6. The person who created the timecard will be notified via email that you deleted the timecard, along with the comment you added.