Crew Members

Hours+: Entering Holiday Dates in Timecards

To facilitate proper processing of your payroll for any holiday, please take note of the following instructions: 

For crew members working on a holiday date 

If the crew member worked on the holiday day, simply enter “Work” as the Day Type (as normal).   

  • Please note, in/out times should still be entered for hourly employees (not on-call or exempt) for “Work” Day Types on holiday days.  

For crew not working on a holiday date 

If the crew member did not work on the holiday day, please follow the below instructions:  

For both Non-Union & Union: 

If Unworked Not Paid, the crew member should NOT enter the days: 

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 3.39.55 PM

Note: The date of the holiday should be "unchecked" and appear greyed out

If Unworked & Paid, the crew member should enter “HNW-Holiday Not Worked” as the Day Type (no in/out times required). 

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 3.40.28 PM

If an employee adds the date and selects HNW with the intent to mark it as an unpaid day, you can revise the day type to HNWNP (Holiday Not Worked Not Paid) if you aren't able to reject the timecard back to the employee.  This will note the day as unworked and unpaid.