Department Heads

Hours+ Department Heads: Timecards Screen vs. Reviews Screen

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It's time to ditch the Reviews screen! As we get ready to sunset this page for Department Heads, we want to make the transition as easy as ever. We’ve compiled some quick tips and tricks so you can work smarter in Hours+ with the Timecards screen. 

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Timecards Screen Key Features

Timecards vs, Reviews Screen Differences

Timecards Screen Key Features

Bulk Approval 

  • If you need to approve multiple timecards at once, head to the Timecards screen. Select more than one timecard at a time to take action.  

Submit Draft Timecards to Employees 

  • The Timecards screen allows you to submit timecards that you create through Daily Timesheets. 

Same Columns in Timecards Screen 

  • Columns in the Timecards screen are the same as what you see in the Reviews screen, so you don’t have to worry about losing access to important details. 

Ability to Customize 

  • You can actually do more on the Timecards screen with a customized layout. 
  • You can add more fields and even comments, which is not possible on the Reviews screen. 
  • And you can find, filter, and isolate timecards depending on important information, like weekending or employee name. 
  • You can even sort by account codes. 

See More Details 

  • With the Timecards screen, you can see more details, such as what’s ready for you to review or what timecards haven’t been completed yet. The Timecards screen also provides more transparency as to where every timecard is in the workflow, even after you’ve reviewed it. 

Less Clicks, More Info 

  • The Timecards screen gives you access to information that you won’t get on the Reviews screen. View comments, status, even last modified all on one place.  
  • Sort and filter by department without leaving the Weekly Timecard screen.

Timecards vs. Reviews Screen Differences 

Feature Timecards Screen Reviews Screen
Batch bulk-approval

Filter departments and statuses

Find important details all on one screen
High-level information always available
Submit draft timecards
Add comments